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Our Heritage

Here at Houghton Hams we are able to offer all our products sourced from both our EU and UK farming partners. This long standing supply chains are built on transparency, trust and an agreed focus on quality and care for the animals. This focus on quality and animal welfare is no more prominent than with our relations with both our Free Range and Organic partners. Our Organic Pork is sourced via and our Free Range from the Blythborough Farm.

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At Houghton Hams we’re really secretive of our generational crafted production techniques but here’s a little window into some of them. All our Hams are also available utilising both Dry curing and wet curing techniques. Dry curing of Hams is an older more traditional curing method. It’s a learnt skill that takes plenty of practice to perfect, lucky for us we have a team of butchers who have been hand rubbing our Hams for many years with our special recipe and know our secret to the perfect dry cured Ham.

The dry curing is a longer process as the cure penetrates the meat from the outside, this typically takes 7-10 days and is monitored by our technical team to ensure we are getting an even cure of all our Hams. Wet cured Hams are produced through our integrated curing line, this is a real step change from those early years.