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There's No Planet B

In today’s world, businesses have an increasingly important role to play in promoting sustainability and protecting our planet. A business that takes responsibility for it’s impact on the environment and society is one that recognises the need for sustainable practices and the long-term benefits they bring.

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Our Sustainability Initiative

Commited to developing for the future

The food industry has come under scrutiny for its impact on the environment and the need to reduce waste and emissions. As a business we strive to take on sustainability measures to ensure that our products are produced in an eco-friendly and responsible manner as possible.

"Sustainability isn't just about doing less harm, it's about being committed to doing more good, and inspiring others to do the same along the way. We operate our company with the view that sustainability should be embedded in every business decision."

Paul WagstaffDirector

Reducing Waste

Predominantly Recyclable Packaging

At Houghton Hams we have taken steps to reduce waste by implementing recycling programs reducing landfill and successfully recycling 32 tonnes of waste material last year.

We are continuously engaging with our supplies to reduce transport and packaging into our factory by receiving product in large reusable containers saving the need for cardboard and plastic packaging.

Additionally, we have switched to eco-friendly packaging materials. All our trays are made from materials containing >30% recycled post-consumer waste, and we will continue to work with our suppliers to improve this further where possible.

As we make to order, this ensures limited wastage on product and packaging and any minimal stock that is produced is donated to charities such a Fareshare.

Our Team Share Our Vision

Energy-efficient practices & well-being

As a company we have implemented energy-efficient practices in our manufacturing processes, by investing in new equipment that uses less energy and researching renewable energy sources.

Over the last 40 years we have focussed on building strong long-term partnerships, both with employees and customers and implementing efficient operations and supply chains.

We prioritize the well-being of our employees, customers. This involves promoting diversity and inclusion, providing fair wages, and creating a happy inclusive workplace for our staff.

We believe in equal opportunities for all our staff and provide growth for career advancement across all departments.

Sustainable Agriculture

Quality from field to fork

Ensuring animal welfare on a farm is essential to maintain the health and happiness of the animals, as well as to produce a high-quality product.

All our UK pork is sourced from farms ensuring high animal welfare, this is essential to maintain the health and happiness of the animals . We believe sourcing products from these types of farms is not only supporting sustainable agriculture, but also produces a higher quality product which we offer within our Organic and Free range portfolio.

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