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On Thursday 5th August 2021, Steven White sat by the giraffe incubator on Gosset ward at Northampton General Hospital.

Steven and his wife Steph had welcomed their son Will into the world the day before, but he was seven weeks premature.

And the first few days of Will’s life were spent in the specialist giraffe incubator.

The incubator was donated by us in 2018, and Will is one of the many babies that have been cared for by the amazing team on Gosset ward.

Sitting by the incubator, Steven and Steph were inspired to give back to the unit.

Just as we did in 2018.

So, in 2022, they set about running 48km in 21 hours – marking the date Will was born (4/8/21).

Steven and Steph completed the challenge and raised a phenomenal £8,579 for Gosset ward.

That started the fundraising off for two new parent rooms to be built on the ward, for the families of sick and premature babies.

And we added £5,000 to the appeal, which went on to raise more than £100,000 in two years.

Fast forward to March 2024 and the new parent rooms have officially been opened.

And we joined Steven and Steph at the recent opening, alongside several other families who have been supported by the ward.

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