Dry Cured Bacon

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Bacon is a real Wagstaff family favorite and often found on our breakfast table.

We champion provenance here with our offering focused solely upon Organic and Free Range. Our long standing supply chains are built on transparency, trust and an agreed focus on quality and care for the animals.

We produce our Bacon in both Back and streaky formats/cuts, utilizing again our time and tested dry curing technique. With our Bacon in your pan at home, you won’t get any of that excess cook out, just lots of love care and attention.



Organic and Free Range

Unsurpassed flavour & texture

Whether it’s the main event as king of breakfasts, or the side show as a crispy topping on your potato skins we love it! Our artisan Organic Dry Cure bacon is extremely versatile and made without compromise to ensure that it has unsurpassed flavour and texture.

Weight/Size Variations
  • Dry Cure Organic Back Bacon 200g
  • Dry Cure Organic Streaky Bacon 200g
  • Dry Cure Free Range Back Bacon 200g
  • Dry Cure Free Range Streaky Bacon 200g

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What Our Customers Say

Bought this Ham for the 1st time last week and it is absolutely beautiful!! Excellent value for money and have just added it to my further orders for the next few weeks.


I buy this every week - lovely, old fashioned stylee salty, thick sliced ham!


This is the best pre packed ham I have ever come across. Thickly sliced and tasty. So much better than the Ocado alternatives. Because the slices are so thick it's better value too.


I am a big ham eater -- my usual breakfast is a slice of ham with a slice of cheese. After one pack, this has been promoted to my favourite ham so far. Very tasty, and moist, though not slimey. Fingers crossed for the second pack, though I understand these fresh foods cannot be 100% standardised.

Harry RCNorthampton

The most delicious ham I've tasted. It's as if it's just been sliced off the bone, slightly thicker than regular ham but not dry. Very tender and tasty.

JaneGreater Manchester