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Work is well under way on our new factory at Houghton Hams HQ, with the first phase of fabrication being completed.

The new space will allow us to increase production and sales, as well as introducing new products to our range.

The next step is for carpenters to put in joists and first-floor flooring, which will really see the space start to come together.

We currently have have 11 units that cover more than 37,000 sq ft.

We’ve built those units up across our 40 years in business, having started in 1983 with just one 1,000 sq. ft unit.

Here’s a look inside our new factory space.

Houghton Hams Ltd. 58 - 68 Tenter Rd, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6AX
T: 01604 644247