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As we come into the last two weeks of the school holidays … it time to pause and reflect?

Do we ever take time to really enjoy the present moment…. Even on a long anticipated holiday ? Our family, friends, the things so dear to us ?

At the beginning of this month I was lucky enough to experience a weekend away kayaking in Norway 🇳🇴. A birthday trip for my brother … which I promptly invited myself on 😂👍

Often described as ‘nature’s work of art’ the incredible landscape was formed by the retreat of glaciers creating the gigantic U-shaped valleys which were later flooded by the sea.

Being on the water surrounded by the awesome landscape certainly added some much needed perspective.

I know finding the time to ‘adventure’ and go ‘back to nature’ seems like a luxury. Certainly not a priority in our busy lives. Even if we just take a walk in the forest 🌳 or sit by the water .., sometimes that’s enough ….. just a little ‘food for the soul’ x

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